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Frequently asked Questions regarding NetOctave's webhosting services

    Getting Started:
  • Why do I need a web hosting ?
  • Most people like to own their own email address and websites. They don't like to have it setup on a free service.

    For example, when you have your own web hosting account, you can have email ids like yourfirstname@yourname.com or have your own blog with a url http://yourblogaddress.com. But when you set it up on a free provider, you get a url called yourname.somefreeprovider.com or an email address of the form yourname@somefreeprovider.com. Most people don't like this.

    A web hosting is for people who want to stay independent and do not believe in cutting corners or taking free ride at other people's expense.

    You can use your web hosting account to setup your own website / blog / email accounts. You can run a discussion forum or a photo gallery all in your own name.

  • What do I need to get started with Web hosting ?
  • First, you will need a domain name. If you already own an domain name, you can use that or you may register a new name with us at a very low price.

  • Now I have a domain name, what is the next step ?
  • Now you need to order a web hosting package from Net Octave and point your domain name to us. If you have ordered the domain name from us, everything will be taken care for you. If your domain name is with other registrar then you have to point them to our name servers. You will receive the details of our name server in your welcome mail.

    For your easy reference, following are our main name servers. But it is recommended to check your welcome mail for correct name servers.

  • Do you place advertisements on my sites / blogs ?
  • No, we do not place any kind of advertisement on any of our paid web hosting accounts. You have paid for it and you are free to use your account any way you want (within the legal and acceptable use policy restrictions).

  • What payment methods do you support ?
  • Currently we support payments through Paypal only. Paypal is one of the largest online payment processor and makes your payment secure. You can make credit card payments through paypal.

  • I do not have a paypal account, is there any other way to make a payment ?
  • If you do not have a paypal account, you may use credit cards directly on the Paypal page and make the payment without registering for an account.

  • Why are your services so cheap compared to many other web hosts ?
  • We try to source our inventory from reputed data centers. We try to go up the chain and directly purchase from the top tier vendors and thereby are able to reduce our cost at the same time provide you with large pool of resources.
    Also refer to the question "Why are you so costly compared to other web hosts ?" below.

  • Why are you so costly compared to many other web hosts ?
  • We provide our services on quality hardware including Raid10 disks that runs on latest Quad core servers. This makes us costly when you compare our price to vendors that provide their services on dual core servers or without Raid10 protection.

  • Are there any limit to the number of domain names that can be hosted on the server ?
  • It depends on the plan that you purchase. Most high end plans do not have any restrictions other than the allotted disk space and bandwidth usage.

  • Can I host legal adult content?
  • No. We do not allow adult content of any type and your account will be terminated immediately.

  • Can I use your services for email campaigns or CAN-SPAM ?
  • We do not tolerate SPAM of any kind. Repeated SPAM complaints will result in your immediate account termination without refund.

Hope we have clarified most of your questions. Please feel free to use our Contact Form to contact us in case you have further questions.